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Gross and Net team skins (web application)

I put this request in a few years ago and can not find the request anymore, and did not see an update.  In the old desktop application (and it could be on the current desktop version), the system would calculate "Team" Gross and "Team" Net skins.  That option is not available in the web application (at least that I can find).  When will this feature be added on the web application, as I currently have to manually do this in Excel.



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There is a skins setting for each player/event - if I activate this, can I generate a skins report in the application?

I am just a user of the golf league application, and not an employee or software support person.
Yes you can generate a skins report, but it is for individual, not team skins.  There is a gross and net skins report.  When you go to Post Play and select Reports, you can select the Player - Skins - Gross or Player - Skins - Net

and edit parameters for what you want in the report when you finalize the event.  Once finalized, the report will show up when you select "Results" at the top of the home page, then select the Event that was finalized, and there should be Player Gross Skins and Player Net Skins reports.  You can go to, and on the lefthand side under Event...Post Play you can go through the sub menu items and details described above.

Yes, I believe at one time I was calculating team skins using Legacy Windows Version 2012.0.5, switching to the online app this year, got a quick reply recently by emailing on an issue if you haven't tried that already.  Since we have a team league using team points, I like the individual skins game each week as a chance to win something if your partner isn't playing well...

Will post later if I find anything as I transition to the online app.

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