There are two options for handling a rain out.

Option 1

Simply change the date of the rained-out event to the date of the next league play date. For instance, if you got rained out on May 9, change the date to May 16. Make sure to mark the box that says automatically fill in dates following this one so that all dates will move to the following week's date. Please see Edit | Change Event Information.

Options 2

Skip the event which was rained out. Do not put any scores into it. If you want or need to make up the missed event, insert an event to the end of the season and manually duplicate the pairings from the missed event. 

  1. Open the Main Menu, and click Schedule in the League section.
  2. Click the Action link of your final event at the bottom of the schedule (Event #27 in the example image below).
  3. Click on "Insert below event #x" of Item 4.
  4. Click OK
  5. At the top right, increase the number of events by 1 event.
  6. Click the Action link of the newly-inserted event at the bottom.

  7. Click the "Manually pair matches" link.

  8. Click on teams to pair all matches.

  9. Click Save button.