Who is this article for?

  • leagues that play as individuals, rather than in teams
  • league that play individual stroke play, points (see orange arrows in Figure 1 below) or quota

    Figure 1:

This article assumes that your league has not started play and you are ready to create a league or fix a league you already created.

  1. When creating your league, create it with 1 person per team. If you have already created your league, go to the Main Menu (hover over the logo) and select Settings under the League section. Change number of players per team to 1.

  2. Go to the Main Menu (hover over the logo) and select 1. Pre-Play in the Event section. Click on Manage.

  3. Change View at the top (to the right of green plus icon) to teams.

  4. Put one player in each team by clicking on the player name and moving extra players on a team to an empty team. If you are just now putting players in your league, click the little plus sign under each team. Players should remain on the same team the entire season, so make sure when you move a player it's from Event 1 to your last event.

  5. In Scorecard Display, Figure 2, place the dot on the option for "One player versus no opponent." There is no need to do this, if you have set your league up as a quota league.

  6. Go to the Main Menu and select Schedule from the League section. If you've set your league up correctly thus far, you should see the "Team#" check box at the top left. For an individual league, you want to uncheck the box so you see player names. This is important when you manually create the pairings.

  7. If you want random pairings each event, use the automatic scheduler. If you want to create your pairings based on what players show up to play, manually build your schedule by inserting enough manual events to cover your schedule.

  8. You can create your foursomes by putting two pairs of pairs at the same tee time or start hole.

  9. Now you can take a look at your scorecards and pairings to see if they turned out like you want.