By default, each ghost sub is called "Ghost Sub", but you can name each ghost sub anything you wish. For example, you could name a blind draw ghost "Blind Draw", a ghost that shoots the leagues' average "League Average", a ghost that shoots the missing player's partner's score "Missing Player's Partner" etc.  Each Ghost may be customized for any situation your league encounters:

  • Predefined Score – Ghost can shoot a set predefined score with a predefined handicap.
  • Manual Draw – You can select any player's score/handicap to use as the ghost's score.
  • Blind Draw – LM randomly selects a player's score/handicap to use as the ghost's score.
  • Missing Partner – Ghost shoots the score/handicap of the partner that showed up.
  • League's average – Ghost shoots the league's average score and average handicap.  Average can be based on just the current events scores, or any number/range of past events.  You can also select to include ALL golfers or just those in a particular flight(s) for inclusion in calculating the league average.
  • Any value – To cover ANY "exception to the rule" you always have the option to type in a score and handicap for a ghost right on the scorecard.

Most leagues have only one type of ghost, but the option is there for up to five different kinds of ghosts.  Once ghost parameters are set they should remain the same throughout the season!  

NOTE: A ghost can substitute any number of times in an event.  

To change the Ghost's name or the maximum points the Ghost can win, under 'League', click on Settings & select 'Ghost Subs' 

If you have a maximum number of points the Ghost can win, type that here...otherwise if there is no maximum set it to 999 (Ghost can win any number of points).

Make the substitution in 1. Pre-Play.

Set the ghost score in 2. Play AFTER you have entered the rest of the scores for your golfers. (Unless you are using a predetermined score.) Then click on the 'Score' for the Ghost Sub, click on the 'Select ghost score' button so you can choose the appropriate scoring solution for your ghost.