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Create email lists

Is it possible to create email lists to be used by all players when sending email to the league?

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I'm sorry; it's not possible. The online program does not send 'Group' emails with more than 1 person's email listed.  Individual emails are sent to each player selected.

This would be a useful tool. Can this be a future feature addition?

I have figured out a way if you want to give it a try.  I added to our Home page, a link that, when selected will open a new tab and fill out the To, Subject and Body (assuming that you have an email account (i.e. gmail and signed in).  In the hyperlink enter the following (to add a hyperlink, select the text and then select the Link (looks like a chain link), and fill out the Web Address with the following (replace the "Enter email..." with the emails addresses you want, change "Enter a Subject" and Enter the Body..." specific to your needs:

mailto: Enter email addresses here separated by commas?subject=Enter a Subject&body=Enter the body for your email.

Be careful with the above, as the keywords, "?", "&", "=" are critical in the link. 
Then fill out the "Text" with whatever you want the link to state.  Fill out ToolTip (optional), if you want want something to show up when you hover over the link, and then check the "Open link in new window" to open the email in a new tab.

This does what we want it to do, and may or may not work for you.


This is interesting.  I will submit it to the feature enhancement list for evaluation.

Regards, Support Team
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