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Tracking Weekly Contests (i.e. closest to the pin or long drive)?

What is the best way to track the winners of weekly contests like closest to the pin or longest drive? I am currently listing the weekly winners on the website, but I would like it to be more permanent and be part of the results. Any ideas? 


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Currently, we'd recommend using some of the Misc. fields, but they're not always part of the results reports.
We're always looking for ways to make the program better. I will add your suggestion to our request list.
Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee if/when it will be added. You'll be notified via email.

Thanks for the feedback!! Support Team

Our league also needs a way to administer weekly Closest-to-the-Pin contests (2 per 9 holes).

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We play closest to the pin for every event 4 times weekly.  This would be great to have as part of the reports that are made at the end of a round.

we have instructed our players to use the chat window to enter: hole#, player name, and distance. This works fairly well.

That's what we will do for now.  However, that doesn't give you a way to track statistics on this data unless you do it yourself. Not a show stopper.

I need a way to track closest to the pin also.  For right now, I just keep an extra excel sheet!  This seems like something that would be an easy stat to add to the player event results page.

Develop a spreadsheet and then upload it into League Manager

This is still a want 3 years later... any updates from the developers?

Thank you for your interest in adding closest to the pin and longest drive tracking.

We do value each and every new feature request.   We get hundreds of ideas each year and prioritize them. 

Unfortunately, this feature has not been addressed to date.  

Any plans to incorporate contest tracking this year? Thanks!!

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