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Email players sign in credentials

How to I send all my golfer's their log in info?

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How do you know a player signed in after an invite was sent?   New online software

Is an email needed to participate? Have older members who do not have active email addresses.

Hi Jerome,

The online software has the option for your players to pay online to rejoin the league, which would indicate that the player responded to the invite. You may also ask your players to update their phone number or other personal information which would be helpful to you as the league administrator.

An email address is not required to use the software. They can sign up with a phone number. Viewing the website and the results does not require signing in.

Hope this helps,

GolfSoftware.con Support

I sent two (2) league players instructions I created to SIGN-UP and SIGN-IN based on the instructions in ADMIN HElp to test Player registration, before sending a batch email invitation to all players.  Both test usersgot back the edit message as shown in the image.  He was not able to sign-up or sign-in.  

Is using the INVITE EMAIL button in the software the only way to start the Player registration process?  Do I need to send a PUSH INVITE EMAIL message to players to allow them to "SIGN-UP" and "Sign-IN" as shown in the online Help instructions?  



Hi Tom,

The SIGN UP feature is for leagues that do not have players listed in the roster or want additional golfers to sign themselves up.

The SIGN IN feature is for players that are already listed in the roster.

I do see the image that you refer to in your reply, but would like to see what you sent to your golfers.

Perhaps you could send me the login info you sent (& which players you emailed) in a ticket, rather than replying in this discussion.

Thanks so much, Support

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