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Live Scoring Display on TV

we are using your app on our Wednesday Night League.  We have 28 teams of 4 playing each week.   

We would like to display our Leaderboard or Scorecards live as they update to a tv screen on our deck for the evening but need it to scroll up and down with 112 scores. When we go to the leaderboard it just shows one screen of your players. 

Have I not waited long enough for the screen to scroll or is there something we need to do to get the screens to scroll or a certain location we would display our live scoring?


Do we need to be logged in as an administrator.  I am logged in with my golfer account.  Went to

It is not scrolling

We are using league manager on a pc on chrome.  We are not getting the scrolling feature.

Do we need to log in as an administrator

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