League Manager is an annual subscription with an expiration date.

  • You can renew for the next season at any time.
  • Your new expiration date will be a year from the date you renew your subscription.
  • You will not lose any league data if you let your expiration date pass without renewing.
  • You can renew for the minimum amount of $96 which pays for 16 golfers; then pay for the balance before the 2nd event of your season.

How to renew subscription

  1. Go to your _____.golfleague.net website and sign in.
  2. Click on "Administer league" button.
  3. Hover over the League Manager logo at the top left and select "Account."
  4. Click "Purchase."
  5. Click circle for "Start new subscription which will go from now to ______."

  6. Type in the number of golfers you want to pay for (you can pay for minimum 16 golfers at $96 and pay balance later) and click one of the payment mode buttons (card or check). Follow prompts to fill in payment information.

  7. You can click on the "See payment history..." button at the bottom to confirm your payment succeeded.