Prior to the advent of the World Handicap System on January 1, 2020, the USGA recommended that you adjust handicaps when competing from different tees or competing from the same tee with different ratings (i.e., men vs women).

How to set automatic handicap adjustment

Automatic handicap adjustment for competing from different tees is easy in League Manager.

  1. Set the number of tees league will play, if you have not already done so (open the Main Menu, click Settings, click "League").
  2. Set players' default tees, if you have not already done so. On Event #1 Pre-play, click each players name, then on the General tab and assign them to the tee they will play.
  3. Open the Main Menu, click Settings, click Handicap.
  4. Click to place a check mark in box (see blue arrow below)
  5. Click on the button labeled "Recommend base rating" or input a base rating.

  6. When you click the button "Recommend base rating," the following screen appears:

  7. Click "Finished" button at the top.